Mihoko Suzuki, Director

Mihoko Suzuki earned her A.B. in an interdisciplinary major, History and Literature, in the College Scholar Program at Cornell University and her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at Yale University. Her scholarship focuses on Renaissance and early modern literature and ... Continued

Kyle Siebrecht, Associate Director

Kyle Siebrecht became the Associate Director of the Center for the Humanities at the University of Miami in January 2009. She received the Master of Music degree in musicology in May 2008 from the University of Miami. In 2002 she was the recipient of ... Continued

Zureyka Carsi, Administrative Assistant

Miami native and University of Miami alumna, Zureyka Carsi graduated in December of 2008 with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Photography. While studying at UM, her various artworks were featured annually at the Student Exhibition Shows from... Continued

Amanda Vargas (thumbnail)

‌Amanda Vargas, Secretary

Amanda Vargas grew up on a military base in North Carolina, but her roots go back to Baumholder, Germany and upstate New York. She is a recent graduate of Miami international University of Art Design (2014), where she majored in Photography... Continued

Gillian Mozer, Graduate Student Assistant, Center for the Humanities (thumbnail)Gillian Mozer, Graduate Student Assistant

Gillian Mozer is a Ph.D. student in the department of English at the University of Miami, specializing in queer theory and eco-criticism relative to science fiction. They received their BA in English and German, with a concentration in Judaic Studies, from... Continued

Delaney Jacoway (thumbnail photo)

Delaney Jacoway, Student Assistant

Delaney Jacoway was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and is a member of the University of Miami Class of 2020. Delaney’s love for the humanities has led her to major in... Continued

Molly McHugh, Student AssistantMolly McHugh, Student Assistant

Molly McHugh was born and raised in Philadelphia and is a member of the University of Miami Class of 2019. Molly is majoring in Advertising and minoring in Marketing in the School of Communications.... Continued

‌‌‌Demaree Rios, Student Assistant

Demaree Rios was born in Whittier, California and was raised in the states of both California and Texas. She is part of the University of Miami graduating class of 2019 majoring in Anthropology... Continued

Rajiv Tummala (thumbnail photo)Rajiv Tummala, Student Assistant

Rajiv Tummala was born in Hollywood, Florida and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. Rajiv has had a long-standing and passionate interest in history, geography, and cultures... Continued

‌Micah Weinstein, Student Assistant

Micah Weinstein was born and raised in San Diego, California and will be graduating in 2018. He is majoring in Finance and Mathematics along with a minor in Accounting... Continued

Peter Winans (thumbnail) Peter Winans, Student Assistant

Peter Winans, born and raised in Connecticut, is a member of the University of Miami Class of 2020. He is majoring in finance in the School of Business and is... Continued