Staff photo for Hunter Carpenter, Student Assistant at the Center for the Humanities


Hunter Carpenter was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Sarasota, Florida when he was five years old. Growing up, Hunter found writing stories and volunteering to be two of his greatest passions. While in high school, Hunter traveled to the United Kingdom, China, and the Caribbean on educational tours, and discovered his strong interest in exploring new cultures and languages. After completing the International Baccalaureate Program at Riverview High School, he joins the University of Miami’s class of 2018 as a Marketing and History double-major, with an independent minor in Japanese Language. Hunter decided to come to UM upon learning about the diverse environment found in Miami.

Recently, Hunter completed a year-long study abroad in Tokyo, Japan, to refine his language ability and to fulfill his childhood dream of living in Japan. After finishing his studies, Hunter aspires to give others the opportunity to travel, to learn about new cultures, and to experience something new by working for an international education company. As a Student Assistant at the Center for Humanities, he has already gained insight about global affairs and the humanities, which provides him with various skills that will aid him in making his aspiration a reality. The mission of the Center for Humanities resonates with Hunter’s ideals, passions, and goals, as he continues his journey at UM.