2009-2010 Faculty Fellows

Annual Fellows Symposium
Friday, October 1, 2010

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‌‌ ‌Eduardo Elena (History)
Consuming Dignity: The Politics of Citizenship and Consumption in Peronist Argentina


‌David W. Kling (Religious Studies)
A History of Christian Conversion 

‌‌Louis Herns Marcelin (Anthropology)
Democratization, Social Identities, & Youth-Gang Violence in Haiti



‌Joel Nickels (English)
The Art of the Possible: Spontaneity, Modernism and the Multitude


‌Gema Pérez-Sánchez (Modern Languages and Literatures)
Perilous Strai(gh)ts: Immigration, Sexuality and Race in Contemporary Spanish Culture


‌Patricia J. Saunders (English)
Buyers Beware, Hoodwinking on the Rise: Epistemologies of Consumption in Jamaican Popular Culture


‌Hugh Thomas (History)
Between Earth and Heaven: English Secular Clerics and the Twelfth-Century Renaissance 



2009-2010 Dissertation Fellows


‌Lauren Lane (History)
Gender, Labor, and Virtue in Eighteenth-Century Georgia



‌Simonetta Marin (History)
The Reform of Popular Piety in the Closing Years of the Venetian Republic: 1770-1797



‌Brian Mondy (Philosophy)
Epistemic Actions