2010-2011 Faculty Fellows


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‌Christine B. Arce (Modern Languages & Literatures)
Troping Mexico's Historical No-Bodies


‌Michael Bernath (History)
Northern Teachers in the Old South and the Emergence of American Sectional Identity, 1793-1860


‌John Funchion (English)
Divisible Pasts: Nostalgia and the Struggle to Imagine U.S. Culture, 1848-1929


‌Karl Gunther (History)
The Ideological Origins of English Puritanism


Mark Rowlands (Philosophy)
Good Dogs, Friends, and other Moral Subjects


‌Amie Thomasson (Philosophy)
The Descent of Metaphysics


‌Tim Watson (English)
Literature, Anthropology, and Empire in the 1950s




2010-2011 Dissertation Fellows


‌‌Benoît Mauchamp (Modern Languages & Literatures)
A Journey through Reality towards an Anthropo-Semiotics of Travel Representation: Literature, Photography, Cinema


‌Silvia Mitchell (History)
The Politics of Motherhood: Gender, Court, and Political Culture during the Regency and Exile of Queen Mariana of Austria, 1665-1680


‌Jennifer Slivka (English)
Strangers at Home: Threshold Identities in Contemporary Irish Women’s Writing


‌Amanda Thibodeau (English)
Gender, Utopia, and Temporality in Women’s Science Fiction


‌Aaron Wilson (Philosophy)
Pragmatist Empiricism: An Exposition and Defense