2011-2012 Faculty Fellows

‌Hermann Beck (History)
Before the Holocaust: The Reaction of German Society to Anti-Semitic Attacks during the Nazi Seizure of Power


‌June Teufel-Dreyer (Political Science)
Middle Kingdom and Empire of the Rising Sun


‌Simon Evnine (Philosophy)
Making Objects and Events: A Neo-Aristotelian Approach to Metaphysics


‌Jennifer Ferriss-Hill (Classics)
The Anonymous Interlocutor of Roman Satire: A Biography



‌Lillian Manzor (Modern Languages and Literatures)
Sites that Speak: Miami Through its Spanish Performing Arts Spaces


‌Brenna Munro (English)
The Postcolonial Politics of Stigma: Sexuality, Nation and Diaspora in Contemporary Nigerian Writing


‌Kate Ramsey (History)
Colonialism and Magic in the French and British Empires, 1750-1900



2011-2012 Dissertation Fellows


‌Nick Wiltsher (Philosophy - Fall)
The Structure of Sensory Imagination


‌Stephen Lazer (History - Spring)
French-German Encounters in Early Modern Alsace 1648-1789