2012-2013 Faculty Fellows

‌Edmund Abaka (History)
Africa in Cuba/Cuba in Africa: A Trans-Atlantic Relationship in the Crucible of Slavery, Revolution and Decolonization


‌Jane Alison  (English)
Stories of Sexual Metamorphosis from Ovid


‌Suzanne Braswell  (Modern Languages and Literatures)
Kinepoetics: Dance, French Modernity, and the Poetics of Lyric Mobility: Balzac, Mallarmé, Valéry


‌Maria Galli Stampino (Modern Languages and Literatures)
Between Commedia dell'arte and Theater of the Enlightenment: The Querelle between Carlo Gozzi and Carlo Goldoni


Stephen Halsey (History)
The Quest for Power: European Imperialism and the Evolution of Chinese Statecraft, 1850-1911


‌Peter Lewis (Philosophy)
Realism in Quantum Mechanics



‌Wilson Shearin (Classics)
Thick-Witted Minerva: Stupidity in the Philosophical Culture of the Ancient Roman World


2012-2013 Dissertation Fellows

‌Marta FernandezCampa (English - Spring)
Contrapuntal Poetics: Mourning and Critical Engagement in Caribbean Artistic Expression


‌Megan Hatfield (History - Fall)
Plantation Economies, Gender Politics, and the Eighteenth Century Atlantic: The World of Eliza Pinckney


‌Stephanie Selvick (English - Spring)
Interrogating Violence and Sexuality in South African Literature and Culture



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