Research Fellowships

The Research Fellowships bring together faculty and advanced graduate students (writing dissertations) in order to enable scholarly exchanges that cross departmental and disciplinary boundaries. Fellows participate in a research colloquium, chaired by the Center's Director that meets regularly throughout the academic year; each meeting focuses on the project of one of the fellows.

2016-2017 Faculty Fellows

2016-2017 Humanities Fellows Symposium Program

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 Kathryn Freeman (English) - thumbnail photo

Kathryn Freeman (English)

Linking gender, creativity, and epistemology in Coleridge’s poetics, “The New Moon with the Old Moon in her Arms”: Phases of the Poetic Imagination in Coleridge

John Kirby  (Classics)

Comparative Classics East and West

Karen Mathews (Art & Art History), 2016-2017 Humanities Faculty Fellow

Karen Mathews (Art & Art History)

Mapping, Materiality, and Merchant Culture in Late Medieval Italy

Martin Nesvig (History), 2016-2017 Humanities Faculty Fellow

Martin Nesvig (History)

The Promiscuity of Power: Imperial Designs and Local Factionalism in Colonial Western Mexico

Aleksandra Perisic, 2016-2017 Humanities Faculty Fellow (MLL)

Aleksandra Perisic (MLL)

Atlantic Crossings: Literature and Immigration in the Age of Globalization

Jessica Rosenberg (English), 2016-2017 Humanities Faculty Fellow

Jessica Rosenberg (English)

Botanical Publics: Horticulture and Textual Culture in Early Modern England

Profile Photo of Robyn Walsh, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Robyn Walsh (Religious Studies)

The Beginnings of Gospel Literature

Ashli White (History), 216-2017 Humanities Faculty Fellow

Ashli White (History)

Object Lessons of the Revolutionary Atlantic





2016-2017 Dissertation Fellows

Alok Amatya (English), 2016-2017 Humanities Dissertation Fellows

Alok Amatya (English - Fall)

Framing Resource Conflicts: Indigenous Rights in Environmental Justice Literatures of the Global South

Allison Harris, 2016-17 Humanities Dissertation Fellow

Allison Harris (English - Fall)

Cartographies of Social Death: Abjection and the American Dispossessed

Drewry Wofford (History), 2016-17 Center for the Humanities Dissertation Fellow

Drewry Wofford (History - Spring) 

History at the Speed of Sound
The Intersection of National and Transnational Histories: a Case Study