The establishment of a Center for the Humanities was identified as one of the desired goals of the strategic plan of the College of Arts and Sciences, under the leadership of Dean Michael Halleran. During 2007-2008, a faculty committee submitted to the Dean a proposal concerning the establishment of such a Center, including suggestions regarding its administration, activities, facilities, and funding.

In fall 2008, Dean Halleran appointed as director, Mihoko Suzuki, Professor of English, as well as a faculty advisory committee to establish guidelines for the Center’s programs and activities. During spring 2009, the Center announced its inaugural group of faculty and dissertation fellows. In 2018, after a highly successful decade running the Center, Mihoko Suzuki stepped down, and Dean Bachas appointed Hugh Thomas, Professor of History, to take her place. Shortly thereafter, Meghan Homer was appointed to be the new assistant director.

The College of Arts and Sciences Center for the Humanities at the University of Miami is the first Center in South Florida. The Center is a member of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes, the National Humanities Alliance, the Florida Humanities Council, and the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium.