Research Fellowships

The Research Fellowships bring together faculty and advanced graduate students (writing dissertations) in order to enable scholarly exchanges that cross departmental and disciplinary boundaries. Fellows participate in a research colloquium, chaired by the Center's Director that meets regularly throughout the academic year; each meeting focuses on the project of one of the fellows.

2018-2019 Faculty Fellows


Berit Brogaard (Philosophy)

Character as Constituent of Personality

Rebecca Doran (MLL)

The Embodied Anomaly: The Emergence and Option of Fuyao

Eduardo Elena (History)

Conquering Distance: Argentina and the Fortunes of Steam-Age Globalization, 1860-1910

Catherine Newell (Religious Studies)

Darwin’s Diet and St. Francis’s Menagerie: Religion, Science, and Spiritual Enlightenment Through Food

Mark Rowlands (Philosophy)

What is a Mental Content?

Allison Schifani (MLL)

Imagining the City Burning: Speculative Urban Practice and Play in the 21st Century Americas



2018-2019 Dissertation Fellows

Gillian Mozer (English - Fall) 

Writing Transgender Across Genre: Nonbinary and Trans Influences on Narrative Forms (1968-2018)

 Anne Schmalstig (English - Spring)

Slow Resilience: Narrative Resistance to Climate Crisis in Environmental Speculative Fictions

Anna Bennett (History)

From Stregheria to Sortilegui: The Materiality of Magic in Baroque Venice